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Holding Doctors Accountable For Improper Care

Medical malpractice lawyers allow you to hold doctors, insurance companies and hospitals responsible if you believe they have harmed you or caused the loss of a loved one.

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You would expect medical malpractice lawyers to be aggressive. These cases often require the work of medical experts, an investigation and a forceful strategy to argue for compensation for you. We bring to your case success in personal injury law, as well as years spent defending personal injury cases for the insurance companies. We will put to work for you our knowledge of how the other side works. We will get ready to go to court, and we are prepared to fight at the negotiating table if this is an option. We work to prepare convincing evidence and determine what would be fair compensation for you.

Malpractice lawsuits hinge on the issue of the standard of reasonable care. It is possible that you suffered permanent harm, or your loved one was killed, because a doctor, nurse, hospital staff or other medical professionals did not provide the normal, proper care that should have been reasonable in your circumstances. Medical malpractice lawyers can determine if the facts of your case make a lawsuit possible. Call our law offices now to speak with our attorney. The initial conference is free.

Medical malpractice lawyers will search for the answers to questions about the normal standard of care in your case.

  • Were standard, generally accepted medical procedures followed?
  • Did a medical course of action meet the accepted standard of care?
  • Were medical standards ignored or disregarded?
  • Was a medical professional acting recklessly?
  • Did someone not take action when the standard of care required it?
  • Was there a delay in taking proper action?

Medical malpractice lawyers will investigate whether a “mistake” was actually the result of negligence. You have a right to seek compensation for lost income and medical bills, money for pain and suffering and compensation for any permanent harm. The loss of a loved one can result in other kinds of compensation. Our personal injury cases are handled on a contingency basis, which means you pay us only if we have been successful at winning money damages for you. We are dedicated to providing personal attention to our clients. We understand that many people need a lawyer they can “lean on” during the process of a lawsuit.

People expect doctors to provide exactly what is needed when they are ill or hurting. But doctors and other medical professionals can make mistakes, and they do. If they failed to take action, failed to take it in time or failed to follow generally accepted professional standards, then the law sees them as having breached their professional duty. This is the focus of the lawsuits that medical malpractice lawyers prepare. Doctors and nurses are supposed to know what to do, and in some cases, they can be found negligent if they did not. Hospitals and clinics have been found to be responsible in certain cases, too.

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