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We Stand Up To Trucking Companies And Insurance Companies

Truck accident lawyers take your side — and protect your rights — when you have been involved in a wreck involving a commercial truck, whether it was a big rig, tanker truck, dump truck or delivery van. You are entitled to proper compensation, and insurance companies may not offer it without a fight. Call us if you believe that you are not being treated fairly.

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The Advantage Our Firm Can Provide

We understand how “the other side” works. The founder of our firm, Paul Bennett, used to be a lawyer for insurance companies in personal injury cases. This gives him deep understanding of how they assess the amounts they are willing to pay other drivers. They may also dispute who was at fault. Our truck accident lawyers are personal injury law professionals prepared to determine a fair amount that should come to you. If not, a court case can be prepared to pursue your claim.

Contact us now if you have been hurt in a truck/passenger vehicle accident. Whether you were the driver or the passenger, if a truck was involved in the accident, you have a right to request money damages to pay for medical bills, lost income, permanent disabilities, property damage and another compensation.

Injuries Suffered In Truck Accidents Can Be Severe

When a truck hits a car or other passenger vehicle, most often the people in the smaller vehicle suffer more serious injuries. The driver of an 18-wheeler may walk away unhurt. Our truck accident lawyers take the side of the injured, not the side of the insurance companies, truck drivers or truck owners.

If you suffered a personal injury, it may be the result of negligence on the part of the truck driver. Many drive without enough rest. Some take drugs in order to keep going for long hours. A speeding truck is a dangerous weapon, because it takes much longer to stop than a car, and because it is heavier and does more damage when it hits something. If you have suffered, call to speak with one of our skilled truck accident lawyers. There may also be issues of truck maintenance, which would be the fault of the truck owner or trucking company. There is a good deal of pressure in the trucking industry to move cargo fast, putting safety second. The risk of accidents is rising as a result. Unfortunately, when they have been negligent, others can suffer.

Our experience in personal injury law enables our truck accident lawyers to fairly assess the compensation we believe you deserve for the harm and suffering you have been through. When fair compensation is not being offered as a settlement, we prepare aggressive arguments to take to court. When the insurance companies know you have skilled legal representation, they may offer compensation that is fair. We never promise an outcome. While we are prepared to take a case before a judge and a jury, the majority of these kinds of cases result in a settlement.

Speak With An Experienced Attorney

Call to speak with one of our experienced truck accident lawyers and discuss what happened to you. When you feel you need an attorney to represent you against the trucking company and the insurers, we will tell you honestly and respectfully if we can be of help to you.

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